Some of my youngest memories include vacationing with my parents and begging them to let me take photographs, in those days film and developing was expensive so my parents always tried to talk me out of hitting that shutter button unless I was really sure I knew what I wanted. As a child I always excelled at art but with an interest in machinery I wanted to follow my Dads career path and become an engineer. After emigrating from Scotland to the US as a teenager I fell in love with the Western US, the vast open spaces and extreme weather made it the perfect location for riding motorcycles and snowmobiles.

After college and gaining some work experience in 2006 I decided to pursue motorsports photography full time. Armed with a DSLR and a small car I began traveling the West shooting editorial photography for enthusiast publications. Slowly building skills and adding equipment I began shooting more commercial jobs. With media changing quickly and the introduction of social media and online video streaming the market and needs of brands quickly changed. To keep up with market demand I started shooting video in 2010, shooting short online videos at first then went on to co-produce 3 feature length award winning snowmobile films. Twelve years in and my passion for photography and powersports still burns as fierce as it ever has and Im very thankful to make a living doing what I love.

When not behind a camera or a set of handlebars Im at home in Idaho Falls spending time with my amazing wife Lisa and daughters Evelyn and Charlotte.